ESBDeploy_6.3.47.1 (x64 and x86)

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Released: Nov 4, 2009
Updated: May 7, 2010 by MINAS
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Release Notes

Release Details

Changes Since Last Release (since
- Fixed cookie & url case related problems with logging in to multiple ESB Web Management Consoles
- Fixed Instance Registration and Simulation DB connection issues
- Fixed minor build issues

- Added request execution simulation support.
Similar to a Basic SQL Query Plan or a Network Tracert.
Allows you to execute a request and view handlers THAT WOULD BE invoked, without the handlers actually being present (or even developed!).
This facilitates testing and validation of configuration in parallel to service handler development.
Also gives an overview of ESB Instances and handlers invoked as a request moves throughout the system.
Ability to tag handlers that create other handlers as "Simulation Aware" such that they get executed in Simulation mode to do their own routing and handler invocation.

Consolidation release. Rolled up additional downloads - envelope, schemas and sample client into release of public codebase.

The attached file has runtime binaries as well as the released source code to date.
Please review the Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide. Although this is very much a Work In Progress, it is a great resource to get started with using ESB.NET.
The Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide is summary of the up and coming book on ESB.NET The ESB.NET Consultant's Reference.
See download for additional documentation.

Want More of ESB.NET?

Release Notes

- Issues with VS.NET 2008 builds from Command-Line (VStudio crashes during builds !!!)
- Breaking changes
-- Envelope version & interfaces changed

Released Source Code
- Fixed C# Project Template
- Fixed async processing
- BSDL files now sit with Service Implementation & on server side. Uses file system junction to make available through EMC v.dir.
- Fixed installer and ServiceDefinition junctions

- (Updated) KeystrokeESB.NETGettingStartedGuide.mht
- (Updated) Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Tutorials - Scenario1
- (Updated) Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Installation Guide
- (Added) Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Features - BSDL
- (Added) Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Developers Guide

Up & Coming BUILDS
ESB Core
- COM+ Style Client Side Service Hosting (i.e Surrogate model)
- See TODO List for more details

ESB Base Adaptors
- Complete State Based Workflow Adaptor

- Quick Tutorial of how to build, deploy and test services
- Step By Step Guide to Building Windows Workflow Services with ESB.NET
- Federated Service Domains Sample

- Fixed ESB Core issue which requires Performance counters & categories to exist! Also re-introduced switch to disable counters
- Fixed several minor issues with ESB Management Console (EMC) - (See Issue Tracker for details)

- ~ 60+ MBytes of documentation to sanitize and publish :( , however much of it will likely make it's way into the book...
- Installation Instructions

Be sure to download xsd2code to get a great XSD to code generation development experience.

The Scenario 1 Tutorial shows the long way to generate and send a request. This is to aid understanding.
There is a simpler way to do it. It will be shown in the next release of the tutorial

Reviews for this release

A pleasantly well-rounded service host with a captivating approach to service delivery. I wouldn't say it has the most snazzy user interface, however it is very functional and intuitive once conversant with the features.
by vludy on Sep 24, 2009 at 4:03 PM
thanks thanks thanks thanks
by jeffreyang on Aug 7, 2009 at 6:50 AM
I like the new location of the ServiceDefinitions. Well done.
by bmatchey on Apr 9, 2009 at 5:06 PM