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ESB.NET Getting Started Guide
To Get started developing with ESB.NET...

Please review the Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide. Although this is very much a Work In Progress, it is a great resource to get started with using ESB.NET.
The Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide is summary of the up and coming book on ESB.NET - "The ESB.NET Consultant's Reference".

As well as showing you how to install, develop and deploy ESB.NET based services, this document spells out the Keystroke Enterprise Service Bus Architecture's Guiding Principles.
It also covers how ESB.NET implements those Guiding Principles, and how it ensures the services you build with ESB.NET conform to those Guiding Principles.
It also helps you decide whether you're ready for ESB.NET, in that if you don't agree with the Keystroke ESB Architecture's Guiding Principles, then ESB.NET is most likely the wrong choice for your service bus implementation, hopefully saving you valuable time in not evaluating the product further. As much as we'd like you to use our Service Bus Framework, we don't want to waste your time.

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