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Upcoming Releases

As per,
The following adaptors, services and features that are planned for release with source code. They're either already available or need to be developed. In order to get some sort of feedback on priorities, let me know - via discussion forum etc. - as to which ones you'd like to see.
There's lots of stuff I've developed over the past but don't want to clutter this area with all sorts of junk from the past, rather, I want to put up things that people would be interested in.
Everything involves some amount of effort, so I don't want to put up everything atm.

A - Available
WIP - Work In Progress
2BDev - To Be Developed
RFU - Existing code previously developed & used but will need some adaptation before being Ready For Upload to Codeplex

  1. (A) WCF Transport Adaptor - 2 Endpoints - Std. and WS-RM. Future work: Setup additional endpoints for security and other common service invocation patterns as reqd.
  2. (A) WWF Application Adaptor - Sequential workflows complete. State based workflows n progress.
  3. (A) Make Envelopes Configurable
  4. (A) Make Entry Points Configurable.
  5. (A) A reference site to test out ESB online. -
  6. (A) Client side helper assemblies.
  7. (A) VB.NET Project Templates for VS.NET 2008
  8. (A) VB.NET Sample Client
  9. (A) C# Standard Project Templates for VS.NET 2008
  10. (A) Convention Over Configuration (CoC) Handler
  11. (A) Auto-BSDL Generator
  12. (A) Sample Request Generator (Based upon XSD and BSDL)
  13. (A) Auto-WSDL Generator (from Service Definitions) and EndPoint Filter to accept these requests & wrap in ESBEnvelope etc.
  14. (A) Resubmit Request from Log Viewer
  15. (A) Async Logging
  16. (A) Service Accounting Handler. Service handler and DB to track service usage for accounting/billing purposes.
  17. (A) Unrivalled federation support functionality
  18. (WIP) C# WF Project Templates for VS.NET 2008
  19. (WIP) Request Remapping SystemEntryPoint (SEP) Handler. First phase complete.
  20. (WIP) Tutorial & Sample to integrate to CBA using the JSON Web API. Sign-up for automatically paying off minimum credit-card amount for taking advantage of 30 days interest free period.
  21. (WIP) Native support for DataSets in Envelope to make it easier to use ESB.NET as an integrated app server.
  22. (RFU) Not sure if anyone's interested, but there's also a simple SQL Server 2000 DTS adaptor (a bit old now I suppose, but it's here if anyone's interested). From the client side, it supports (via ESB.NET) specifying a list of files in the envelope, they then get sent to the ESB.NET Server and this adaptor then Invokes SQL Server DTS Packages locally on the SQL Server computer, allowing you to easily run the DTS packages over the network/firewalls etc. Supports sending Parameters to the DTS Packages etc.
  23. (2BDev) Client-side loading of handlers. - aka MTS/COM+, in order to make development easier, and in order to allow for an EMBEDDED ESB.NET.
  24. (2BDev) Order Management Services (Purchase Orders)
  25. (2BDev) Simple BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) Service Handler (Event Publisher)
  26. (2BDev) Pipeline Config file support to reference other files (as a way to partition configuration - may also help for deployment of handlers with configuration in future)
  27. (RFU) Authorization Handler/Service starter. This is a handler that just decides whether to process the requested service or not. It's very simple, and just shows the relavant Context API to call in order to get the Pipeline Manager to stop processing the pipeline. It's usually configured as an "Always Execute" handler, which means it only needs to be configured in once for all services.
  28. (2BDev) Update Installer. Windows Installer Project is already in main solution. Just needs to be updated/tested again. Current installation consists of XCopy deployment/unzip and running the setup.vbs script for installation. It's simple & works :). It also supports the installation (more like configuration after copy) of multiple instances of the ESB on a single computer & is more useful than the current installer package, although there are some things that the installer can do better which mainly revolve around a COM Registered .NET Assembly (1 COM Component registration for MSMQTrigger handling) & uninstalling. Installation can easily be done by hand though, so this is not really a big issue. Main reason for this is that, like anything, it's nice to be able to run setup, click next a few times & have a running app. you can then customize to your heart's content with the scripts...
  29. (2BDev) Sample SAP Service & Configuration (& recommendation to use multiple worker processes for performance reasons as the version of the SAP Connector I was using had some threading issues - regardless of config...) using SAP Connetor for.NET. This is for the Goods Received Notice step of the procurement process.
  30. (2BDev) Per Service Handler Thread Priority settings
  31. (RFU) Services implementing the WfMl schemas for initiating and continuing workflow processes.
  32. (RFU) Services showing how to use the ACORD OLife schema (as of 2003/2004) for doing Life Insurance related services.
  33. (RFU) Services showing how to use the old SuperEC schemas for Superannuation related services.
  34. (RFU) Sample Web Sites that are ESB.NET clients.

Plus lots more...

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satyajit_m Feb 24, 2010 at 11:19 AM 
why it still talks about VS.NET 2008? what about VS 2010?

bmatchey Mar 24, 2009 at 3:10 PM 
I am interested in the C# project templates, but they do not appear to be located in the latest release (..\\Source\ESB\Base\Solutions\Main\SDK\ESBVBProjectTemplates)