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Significant Changes in this Minor Release (i.e 5.5.* over

Functional Enhancements

-Convention over Configuration support
-Basic Resubmit functionality
-Logging Database now also includes: ConversationID, DomainInternalMessageID, ClusterName and NodeRequestID to help better manage message tracking across Service Domains in federated deployments.
-Sequential Workflow Adaptor for Service Orchestration
-WCF for WS-* support

General Enhancements

-Revamped Service Test and Quick Log View pages
-Logging flags to distinguish between incoming requests for Service Domain, Node etc.
-WF Sequential Adaptor Performance - outstanding! - ~10ms on Tecra S2 Notebook running Windows Vista ... 85 ms with 10 concurrent threads
-Runs on Windows Vista (IIS7 in native mode - does not require IIS 6 compatibility mode...)
-Re-designed Sequential WF Adaptor to use WF CustomWorkflowScheduler...preserves the Context as it all runs on the same thread...
-WCF Profiles are now pure config
-Management Console Better Supports Service Definitions - renders them in HTML as well...
-Loggers (not just logging levels) updated dynamically
-Working WF with relative paths, projects RE-Build OK with pre-build step to 'Touch' the web.config files of the transport adaptors..
-More core source code released

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