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Release Notes

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Targets .NET Framework 4, Visual Studio.NET 2010, Workflow 4
- Flowchart workflow adaptor
- In-process transport adaptor (COM+ Style Client Side Service Hosting i.e Surrogate model)
- Locally configured service pipeline

The attached file has runtime binaries as well as the released source code to date.
Please review the Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide. Although this is very much a Work In Progress, it is a great resource to get started with using ESB.NET.
The Keystroke ESB.NET Getting Started Guide is summary of the up and coming book on ESB.NET The ESB.NET Consultant's Reference.
See download for additional documentation.

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Added execution and configuration support for Locally Configured Services (LCS)
This allows each service to have its own configuration, making it easier to deploy/manage new services.
Implemented via an application adaptor, shows how flexible ESB.NET kernel can be.

- Added Management Console Support for LCS

- TODO: Service Definition & Project/Class template support for LCS

- Cosmetic changes to Core System Test page

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Fixed many minor defects (code & configuration) around federation support & simulation
- Note: Need to manually drop LogHeader & LogDetail tables, then run "SetupFirstTime.cmd"
- Live ESB.NET instances setup with 2 instance installation for examples on routing as well as simulation.

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Fixed Minor defects around federation support & simulation

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Support for DataSets in the Envelopes
- Exposed some ServerContext properties through interface
- Patched some configuration issues around logging & service definition processing

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Added Tool Friendly WSDL
- Enhanced multi-instance installation
- Added ESB Instance Registration
- Service searching
- Service metering
- General EMC Web UI cleanup
- Sample router
- Enterprise features (features that require DB) are clearly marked in EMC
- BSDL/WSDL and Xml Schemas are now nicely exposed as Tool Friendly WSDL based services

Changes Since Last Release (since

A new Application Adaptor added to ESB.NET which, using a combination of Convention & Configuration, allows you to configure services using their own private Pipeline Config subset.
Coined "Locally Configures Services" (LCS), a config file such as the below (i.e. a concise excerpt from the ServicePipeline.config file), can be placed in a directory that belongs to the service being developed.
This alleviates any contention issues on the main ServicePipeline.config file.
Note that you can still use both config files, as well as the existing pure ConventionOverConfiguration based handler at the same time.
Management Console and enhanced Visual Studio will be coming out over the next couple of minor releases.

Private Pipeline Config sample
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<PipelineEntry xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
<ComponentServer suffix="yes">LobSystems\Keystroke\services.activity.basic.versiontest.\services.activity.basic1\bin\services.activity.basic1.dll</ComponentServer>
<ComponentServer suffix="yes">LobSystems\Keystroke\services.activity.basic.versiontest.\services.activity.basic1\bin\services.activity.basic1.dll</ComponentServer>

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Added ESBInstance DB Registration & Viewer
- Enhanced multi-instance installation
- Added Tool Friendly WSDL
*Note: Known issue: Run command line:
mklink /d C:\ESB\\Source\ESB\Base\Solutions\Main\Management\ESB.Management.Portal\ServiceDefinitions C:\ESB\\Sour

In the latest drop of ESB.NET (, there's now a tool-friendly WSDL available for services.

In the Service Catalogue (Service Pipeline), once you've populated the BSDL with a request & response, you can then view/generate a WSDL for it using the ESB Management Console.
This WSDL can then be consumed by WCF/ASMX, and the standard WCF/ASMX synchronous & asynchronous methods used to consume the service.

Limitations are:
1)Attachments currently not supported
2)Only 1 document request and 1 document response supported

- Error document comes back as a standard SOAP fault.
- WSDL is generated XSLT file that can be customized

for online site.

As an example of client-side code, this is the VB.NET code after adding a WCF service reference to the WDSL at:

Public Class Form1

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim x As New ServiceReference1.Service1Soap12PortClient()
Dim rq As New ServiceReference1.servicesactivitybasic11TFwsdlService1Request
Dim rs As New ServiceReference1.servicesactivitybasic11TFwsdlService1Response

rq.BuildCmd2 = New ServiceReference1.BuildCmd2
rq.BuildCmd2.BuildCmdString = "1"

rs = x.ServiceReference1Service1Soap12Portservicesactivitybasic11TFwsdlService1(rq)

End Sub
End Class

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Moved to x64 Build Environment.
- Build supports both x86 and x64 platforms
- Enhanced multi-instance installation
- Performance improvements

Changes Since Last Release (since

- ESBNETASyncTransportInstall fixed
- Lots of WIP
- Includes Service Accounting Handler (inc. SQL Script)

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Added Solution and Project files to allow building Open Source codebase of ESB.NET.
Build shows up errors relating to references & fie copy, although it still works. This is a WIP.
- Fixed SetupFirstTime script to
- create SQL DB directory if not exists
- accept Service & Management User passwords from command line
- Enhanced Management Console to filter logs

Changes Since Last Release (since

- Added VS.NET 2008 SDK Project Template for C# (Code Based Services only. Orchestrated Services to come...), thanks to input from Colin.
- Added samples (Step By Step Tutorials...)

ESB Core
- Envelope Providers are configurable...
- System Entry/Exit Points are configurable
- Base Envelope version changed (need to change all requests to use this version). If this is a problem, let me know and I will ship you an older version Envelope Provider as well. Best to move forward though, minimize legacy.

ESB Base Adaptors
- State Based Workflow Adaptor - WIP
- ConventionOverConfiguration - General Enhancements
- Re-Mapping Adaptor - WIP (Transparent Versioning, Simple Content Based Routing aimed at Instance Level Routing & Generic Channel Support)

Management Console
- Request Builder Helper - helps you to more quickly construct service requests from Service Definition and XSD Schema.
- Performance Counters can be granularly enabled/disabled and reset
- Removed some dependencies, and cleaned up some minor issues around the the Codeplex Cut-Down Release

Changes Since Last Release (since 5.x)

Upgraded from VS.NET 2005 to VS.NET 2008.

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