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High Level List of currently planned features

Pledge for a feature
  1. ESB Management Console re-development. This has currently been designed as a quick Management Interface. It could use some help in many areas. Most interesting/value add at this point is:
    1. (Good starting point for Beginners)Enhance Service Test pages to use AJAX & update UI on the response of every service tested, so we don’t need to wait for all of the services to return before displaying the results
    2. (Advanced)Have a single - super Management console, that allows you to point to a particular ESB.NET instance and manage it, rather than having to point to the ESB Management Console for a particular instance. Depends upon point (2a.) below having been done.
    3. Develop a tool to graphically Setup/Manage the deployment of ESB Domains
    4. For WSDL Generation from BSDL, look at updated XSLT engines from MS, rather than the current SAXON based processor for the XSLT 2.0 support required in this area.
  2. ESB Core development
    1. (Intermediate) Implement some more of the ESB.NET Management Services
    2. Workflow activities
      1. (intermediate -advanced)State based
    3. (intermediate)Creation of more WCF Profiles
    4. (advanced)investigate serialization/de-serialization performance/optimizations
    5. Samples & later helpers for using schematron for second level validation
    6. (advanced)Look into mechanisms to allow easy/automatic unloading of assemblies not in the app\bin directory
    7. (intermediate-advanced)Authorization handler
      1. To support service security
      2. To support invoking services dependent upon entry point
    8. (intermediate-advanced) Investigate alternative internal asynchronous processing mechanism
    9. (intermediate) general performance enhancements
    10. (intermediate-advanced)Federated Routing Adaptor
    11. Logging - if log level = log start/end/log timing…look at writing to new table - log timing etc…
    12. Look at auto-service versioning options
  3. (Intermediate-advanced)General SDK Enhancements & installers
  4. (Greenfields)(intermediate)Data Mart to manage Logging for general reporting, accounting, trends etc.
  5. (Intermediate-advanced)Support cloud services
    1. Microsoft Azure transport adaptor

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