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Creating services

- KeystrokeESB.NETGettingStartedGuide.mht
- Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Tutorials - Scenario1
- Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Installation Guide
- Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Features - BSDL
- Keystroke ESB.NET Services - Developers Guide

Up & Coming BUILDS
ESB Core
- Graphical repreentation of execution and simulation results
- Cloud transports
- See TODO List for more details

- Quick Tutorial of how to build, deploy and test services
- Step By Step Guide to Building Windows Workflow Services with ESB.NET
- Federated Service Domains Sample

- ~ 60+ MBytes of documentation to sanitize and publish :( , however much of it will likely make it's way into the book...
- Installation Instructions

Be sure to download xsd2code to get a great XSD to code generation development experience.

The Scenario 1 Tutorial shows the long way to generate and send a request. This is to aid understanding.
There is a simpler way to do it. It will be shown in the next release of the tutorial

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