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Create a service

The following link:
...shows you how to create a service: Step-by-step.

The following page:
... gives a graphical process based overview on how to create ESB.NET services.

  1. Go to Visual Studio.NET 2010,
  2. File  New Project
  3. Create an
  • ESB.NET – ESB.NET.Services project
or an
  • Workflow/ESB.NET ESB.NET.Services.Workflow project
    1. Ensure
  • the Visual Studio Wizard project location is “C:\ESB\Dev\Source\ESB\LobSystems\lcs\Ctx”
  • The Create directory for solution check box is NOT checked.
Your service is now ready.
Note the service name.

Service registration

Nothing to do here
Services are automatically registered if you place your service in following directory:
as described above.
Note that you can simply move services in and out of this directory without any other configuration/registration changes.
The fact that the service is in this directory, with the configuration files created by the sertup wizard, means that the service is registered with ESB.NET using convention.

Manage and Invoke service

In your ESB.NET instance:
(say) http://localhost/esb/source/manage
  1. Login (uid=admin, pwd=admin)
  2. Select Dynamic Service Catalog from the navigation tree, or Service Catalog from the Quick links.
  3. View or search for your service (by service name).
  4. View following video for a quick overview on how to manage and invoke your service.

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