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The bulk of ESB.NET is open source. As such, it can be used free of charge and royalties, but cannot be re-distributed as your own.
The Core Services (ESB.NET Kernel) are, however, not released as source, only as binaries.
If you wish to purchase the source code for them for your Organization’s future independence of Keystroke IT Australia, then you can do so for your own purposes. You cannot then onsell derivative work, only use the changes internally. You may, however, submit your changes directly to Keystroke IT Australia – NOT TO THE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY on Codeplex etc. – for possible inclusion into future releases.
Costing details for the ESB.NET kernel source code are below:
“Buy the code for personal/company use only. This is then yours to modify and use for your own purposes (not to on sell to other clients etc.).
ESB.NET Core components source code is available at a cost of:

SKU A - Current release ==> USD $4k (For the current build) ( 1 hour support )
SKU B - Major version ==> USD $6k (For the current major version) ( 3 hours support )
SKU C - Perpetual ==> USD $10k (Current and future versions) ( 5 hours support )

Alternatively, you can request and pledge a donation for a desired feature. Upon delivery of a feature, feature pledge amounts for the particular feature are collected.

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