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Note: All batch files discussed below contain a number of user-changeable parameters.
Edit the relevant batch file with the desired parameters before execution.
This includes:
  • SQLInstanceName - Computername and instance name of the SQL Server instance to be used with this particular ESB.NET instance.
(Default value: localhost\esb)
  • ESBServiceUserPassword - Password to be used by ESB.NET, for the ESBService credential.
(Default value: Service3SB)
  • ESBManagementUserPassword - Password to be used by ESB.NET, for the ESBManagement credential.
(Default value: Management3SB)
  • ESBInstanceName - Name of the ESB instance about to be created by executing this batch file.
(Default value: Source)
  • <WebSite Name> - The name of the website (as defined in IIS), that you wish to install this ESB.NET instance under.
(Default value: Default Web Site)
  • ESB_IIS_Installation_2.png
Command usage
Setup_FirstTime.cmd SQLInstanceName ESBServiceUserPassword ESBManagementUserPassword ESBInstanceName <WebSite Name>
eg. Setup_FirstTime.cmd localhost\slqdev S3rviceP@$sword M@n@g3m39tP@s$word Source <"Default Web Site">

If not changed, the installation will use the values specified in (Default value:) above.

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