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  1. Ensure you have WSE 3.0 installed. Download & Install WSE3 from:
  2. Ensure you have the Microsoft.NET 4.0 framework installed.
  3. Ensure MSMQ and MSMQ triggers are installed and running.
    1. ESB_MSMQ_Installation_1.png
  4. Ensure SQL Server is running, and note the SQL host and instance name.
    1. * This is required for the Enterprise Pack features. Enterprise Pack features are marked with an "E" in the ESB management console.
    2. * It is required for features such as SQL logging, ESB Instance registration, and service metering.
    3. * It is an optional component, but highly recommended you have at least one SQL DB running to support all your ESB instances.
  5. Ensure IIS Web Server is configured to allow ASP.NET and WAS, and that you have installed the IIS Management Console.
    1. See image below for IIS features required. ESB_IIS_Installation_1.png

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