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1. Extract .zip file (ESB.NET 7.x.x.x Public Source Code and Runtime Binaries).

See [batch file usage] for details on batch files for steps 2 and 3 below
In both cases,
a) Start up a command prompt with administrator priviliges
b) Change to the ESB.NET instance root of the installation directory - such as: C:\ESBDeploy\7\S_7.0.50.0
The ESB.NET instance root directory contains the SetupESBFirstTime.cmd and AddESBInstance.cmd files.

2. As a user with administrator priviliges, run { Setup_ESB_FirstTime.cmd } to create the database and users, as well as the default instance.
(called Source).
3. Run { Add_ESB_Instance.cmd } to create additional instances. To create an additional instance, copy the directory tree (Step 1) above, to somewhere else, and run AddESBInstance.cmd, specifying an instance name.
4. Run { Setup_SDK.cmd } to install the ESB.NET 7 VS.NET 2010 Project and item templates

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